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    Rubber Molding for Sports and Lifestyle

    Sports And Leisure
    Carbon Composite Material, Rubber grips and More
    Where there’s fitness and fun – you’ll find Tung Yu.
    What do tennis-balls and brackets, barbells, and lifeboat have in common? By partnering with a wide range of sports and leisure companies, we’ve furthered our ingenuity at providing the precise flexible rubber processing machine to our customer's needs.
    Depends on different products, Tung Yu provides compression and injection solutions for each customer.
    Home and Garden Products Made From Rubber
    The average household uses synthesized rubber in everything from elasticized bands in clothing and hair ties, to dishwashing gloves, toys, jar seals and tires. Starting at the welcome mat at the front door of a home, and moving to the garden hoses out back, people use hundreds of rubber products during their lives. Other household rubber items include boots, raincoats, pond liners, mattresses and cushions, pillows, grips on garden tools, bathtub plugs, doorstops, earplugs, hot water bottles, aquarium tubing, faucet washers and rug backings.